Master Emergency Situations - A game for Toddlers

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Winner Special Award Cross-platform compatibility at Kivy Contest 2014

Group project at University of applied sciences Augsburg.

Our app-idea is a very minimalistic and simple to use touch-interface mainly for toddlers. Toddlers can master simple situations playfully. Thus they learn the different tools and the humans who interact with.

UI-Setup: Left: Tools | Center: Situation to solve | Right: Humans

Each situation will be solved with an unique combination of two cards. One tool-card and one human-card.

Children/toddlers can simply drag the cards around and solve the situation at hand. A short movie will be played if the level is solved. No level is the same, even if the game will be restarted, because cards are ordered randomly.



Installation on Android

You need to download the Kivy-Launcher from the app-store. You can then copy/paste the files into /sdcard/kivy/ on your android device.